Baby Lifeline – Ongoing Marketing Support
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Baby Lifeline – Ongoing Marketing Support

Baby Lifeline

Baby Lifeline – Ongoing Marketing Support

Back in November 2014 I was working an event for the RCOG called The National Trainee Conference. It was my birthday so I wasn’t too chuffed about being sent up to Manchester to work 18 hour days but ‘thems the breaks’ I guess.

My role was to set up the exhibition stand and make sure that the social networks were buzzing with conversation and activity. It was a well-attended event so there was plenty going on but there was also a fair bit of down-time, during which I had the chance to speak to some of the exhibitors.

One exhibitor was a charity called Baby Lifeline who had been tucked away toward the back of the room, but I’d noticed the stand had been quite popular. I got chatting to the young lady, Sara, who was looking after the stand. Sara Ledger is the daughter of Judy Ledger, a former Neonatal Unit nurse who formed the charity in 1981, after a series of personal tragedies.

We spoke at length about the charity’s mission and the amazing work they do on such small budgets and I gave Sara some tips on how to improve traction on their marketing activities.

The charity started out with Judy buying a box of chocolates for the maternity unit who looked after her during the birth of her first child. This quickly escalated to raising money for a new incubator and has continued on such a trajectory for the next 30+ years – raising over £9 million in the process. This money helps purchase vital equipment for maternity and special care baby units.

This story struck a chord for me. I was a large baby at 9 ½lbs and had quite a few health complications, apparently if I’d been smaller I probably wouldn’t have made it. What’s worse is that my mother was also very sick as a result of my birth, and again may not have made it had it not been for the excellent healthcare professionals and equipment at the hospital.

Not only do Baby Lifeline raise money to help fund maternity units, they also use their extensive network of professionals to produce and provide original, high-quality, multi-disciplinary training courses to help standardise maternity care across the UK.

So, when I decided to go freelance one of the first things I did wanted to set up was some sort of charity work, and Baby Lifeline was somewhere I thought my expertise would make an impact. At the time of writing – I’ve done a couple of small projects for them, including proposal writing, some social media management and general marketing support. It doesn’t much feel like work, they are the nicest people to work with and their cause really is fantastic. If you would like to contribute and support this worthy charity please visit their website.

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