Your E-Commerce Business – Social Media
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Your E-Commerce Business – Social Media

e-commerce social media

Your E-Commerce Business – Social Media

Following on from our blog post about e-commerce shipping, we take a look at how you can utilise social media channels to really get your products in front of people without being a pest. Social media is everywhere and if you’re not active on the main channels then you are conspicuous by your absence.

As part of our e-commerce series of blogs, in which we look at how to best set your business up for success we hope to guide you through the pitfalls and avoid the obstacles that many people fall into trying to get rich quickly. As always if you want to talk to someone about your small business, make sure you get in touch – details on the contact page.

Let’s talk about your…

E-commerce Social Media

Publicise your channels

Your social media profile should be easy to find by customers, so make sure it is prominently featured on your website. This will not only increase their trust in you but also help build up an increased following for the future.

Follower perks

Join the social media world with a bang! If you want to know how to get noticed in this noisy, cluttered, clumsy, and competitive environment, it’s simple… Offer discounts or exclusive offers exclusively for your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people love a discount and they love feeling like a member of a secret club – give followers some perks and they’ll soon turn into advocates!

Share tools

Drive more traffic to your website with the power of ‘social proof’ by adding share tools all-around your site and encouraging customers to post every time they find something new. Start on product pages or thank you/order confirmation pages, but don’t stop thereafter a customer gives their review, use this opportunity as an easy way for them to share it out!

Competition Time

Social media contests are a great way for e-commerce websites to engage with their customers on social media. However, before getting started you need to have an idea of what your goal is and which type of contest will work best based on that goal.

Some popular goals include: increasing brand recognition or newsletter subscriptions. For example, if the purpose of this campaign is just about building awareness around your store, then consider running a photo submission contest where people submit photos they took in-store using #yourbrandname as the hashtag so everyone can see them!

If you want to make sure that the entrants to your contest are interested in what they’re entering, keep it targeted and relevant. This way, when the competition is over participants may be more likely to engage with you again!

Don’t overdo it

You may be looking at social media in all the wrong ways. Promotional posts are important for e-commerce businesses, but should only make up a small percentage of your content on these channels. Instead, think about how to engage with people without selling – it will help boost brand loyalty and improve user experience!

Engage with people

Posting interesting content, asking questions, and developing your brand’s voice will all contribute to you creating and maintaining a good reputation on social media. Photos are powerful tools because they allow people to feel like they’re seeing what’s going on first-hand instead of just reading about it in text form; additionally photographs also provide more information than other types/forms of posts which makes them easier and quicker for your audience members (or potential customers) to understand why should care or take action based off these visuals alone!

Let your customers and followers see behind the curtain to really cement your relationship with them and turn them from people with a casual interest into brand advocates.

Customer Service

It’s never been easier to reach out and contact a company, whether it’s for a good reason or bad. Social media has given people a public channel right to the very core of your business, if you aren’t able to respond quickly and efficiently to requests and enquiries, the world will see and this can have a detrimental impact on your brand.

In terms of dealing with complaints on social media, this is your opportunity to convert a negative customer experience into a positive one, with fast and effective engagement.

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