Your E-Commerce business – Shipping
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Your E-Commerce business – Shipping

e-commerce shipping

Your E-Commerce business – Shipping

Following on from our blog post about e-commerce websites, we take a look at how you should deal with shipping your products to your customers. In the most competitive of environments, high shipping costs can be the deal-breaker when it comes to buying a product from your site or somewhere else.

We’ve put together an e-commerce series of blogs over the next few months which will guide you in how to best set your business up for success. As always if you want to talk to someone about your small business, make sure you get in touch – details on the contact page.

Let’s talk about your…

E-commerce Shipping

Be Clear!

Your customers will want to know how you plan on shipping their items and for the duration of time. A clear, concise shipping policy can be set up by including information about shipping timelines in your website’s policies. Including information about where your products are being shipped from will help you manage your customers’ expectations.

Ensure that you include any shipping issues within your FAQs page and enable people to search for the information – it should be no further than two clicks away at any point.

Be competitive

Did you know more than half of online shoppers abandon their carts due to shipping costs? Flat rate shipping is a useful strategy that prevents customers from being surprised by the price at checkout. Shipping should never be used as an excuse to make more profit on your business – even though you want it to cover all of its costs – don’t inflate your shipping costs, it’ll come back to bite you!

Offering free shipping

Offering a free shipping discount is one of the most popular ways to incentivise customers to buy from your store. It’s so effective that many have admitted they will spend more just in order for their purchase total to qualify for it, because who doesn’t love getting something at no cost?


You know how it feels when you order something and wonder where your package is. When a customer places an order, don’t leave them wondering too long by sending the shipping confirmation email as soon as possible. Include all of the information they need to track their package including its current location in transit so that they can easily get answers about delivery time right away!

Branded Packaging

Unique packaging can help retailers gain word-of-mouth advertising. A study found that 40% of consumers will share a picture, or otherwise mention the product in social media posts if it came with branded and unique packaging. In addition to enhancing customer experience and loyalty, creating an online shopping environment where products are showcased beautifully is one way for brands to stand out from their competitors

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