Novemnine – The concept
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Novemnine – The concept

NovemNine The Concept

Novemnine – The concept

Hi. So, I thought I’d finally set myself up as self-employed and build my own brand, and here it is – Novemnine!

I’m still putting the site together but thought it’d be a good thing to get the blog page up and running so at least there’s something here.

The idea for this business came from my last few employed roles. I found that I wasn’t just doing ‘classic marketing’ I was more of a full-time agency. I’d be responsible for all brand related matters, ad hoc design work, liaising with various external agencies and managing the processes to eventually deliver a final project.

You might be thinking “why didn’t you just get an agency side job then?” and it’s a valid point. My mission in work/life is to ‘get happy’ and so I have built a service offering that embraces all those things I love doing in combination. For instance, if I were an account manager, all of my focus would be on project management and not all the creative stuff I enjoy doing. The same if I went into design, I wouldn’t get to do any of the coordinating bits – balance is what I’m after!

Through my experiences working in organisations of varying sizes, I’ve found that there is always a gap between small projects (‘nice-to-haves’) and the big projects that would require a large agency to brief in. In a larger organisation it’s not such a problem as they probably have agencies on retainers to do this kind of thing for them, or they have the capacity in-house.

This is not always the case for smaller businesses. Many small business owners forgo any kind of marketing due to a lack of time, confidence or understanding. What I want to bring to the table is advice and experience to help new and established small businesses create a strong identity and optimise how they represent their brand across the channel mix.

Eventually the dream is to turn novemnine into a full service agency for the little guy!

Utilising my large network of professionals and benefiting from the relationships I have built during my time in the profession, I will work with trusted partners to produce big agency results with a personal, small consultancy feel.

That’s the dream anyway!! If you have any projects that you think I could help with, please feel free to get in touch.

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