Your E-commerce business – Customer Service
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Your E-commerce business – Customer Service

Customer Service

Your E-commerce business – Customer Service

As part of our e-commerce series of blogs, we’re going to take a look at the big one… Customer Service! In a business world where everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie, there is no longer a place for a business with poor customer service. In fact, one instance of poor customer service can irreparably damage your online reputation; businesses have to be ready to react swiftly and efficiently in order to control any potential damage and turn negative customer experiences into positive ones.

Let’s talk about your…

E-commerce Customer Service

Make it easy to contact you

Some companies outsource their customer service department, which makes it difficult for customers to get in touch with them. This is one of the worst mistakes they can make; don’t put up barriers that discourage your clients from contacting you when there are problems!

Send Order Confirmations

Your customers have just entrusted you with their credit card or payment information and hit ‘placed order’. You can soothe them by sending an automated confirmation email that contains details on the ordered products, total price, billing address given, shipping address provided, etc., as well as a link to review your order before it is shipped.

Send Tracking Numbers or Shipping confirmation

Customers appreciate being kept up to date on the status and location of their orders. You might already send an email confirmation to your customer, as above, but don’t stop there; send them another notification when you ship their package so that they know exactly when it is despatched. You should include all pertinent information such as the tracking number or any delays in delivery on this update too for both peace of mind and convenience.

Live Chat

This can be difficult for small businesses as the manpower required to run this efficiently can be out of reach. However, it is an excellent way to engage with customers and improve conversion rates. Offering a live chat channel to your Customer Service can cut down on telephone operators and enable one person to engage and solve the problems of several customers at one time.

Freephone number

Placing a free telephone number in the top right corner of your website can help to increase customer trust and credibility. Make sure it is easy to see no matter what page of the website you are on; you don’t want customers getting frustrated when looking to contact you.

Respond Quickly

Response times are a great way to measure customer satisfaction and efficiency. Make sure you establish realistic response time expectations for all channels (phone, email, social media) in order to set the tone of your business culture from day one. Consistency is key!

Loyalty Programme

Returning customers are the best people to sell to. They already know you, they obviously already like you, so why not reward them for their loyalty. Retain your customer base by offering them a points system where they can earn perks or discounts; you can even offer existing customers discounts through your email marketing and social channels.

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