What does 2016 look like from here?
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What does 2016 look like from here?


What does 2016 look like from here?

I’m writing this as a kind of public statement of intent to help me to stay driven and keep me focused on some goals for this year.

After a whirlwind 2015 I feel that this year will be a bit more settled. So, what have I got planned for the next 363 days (remember it’s a leap year). I will continue to work on the contracts that are still running from 2015 while maintaining my existing regular clients – I now have a good stable of clients with whom I have great relationships and, this year I will be focussing on maintaining and strengthening those relationships.

New business, I would like to take on between 5 & 10 new clients in a social media management capacity, but having said that I’m also keen to grow my capacity so this will, inevitably, be more. In the first quarter of this new year I’d like to bring in at least two more freelance marketeers who will be able to take on some of the more time consuming aspects of the workload. This means that my personal workload will consist mainly of quality assurance, editing and account management.

As quite often happens, people who work in social media spheres tend to slightly neglect their own social channels and so this is another goal for me. I’m planning on being much more active on my channels, both as Novemnine AND my own personal channels.

On a more personal note, I’m going to try having earlier nights and make sure I spend more time with my wife, Danielle – last year was so manic, we haven’t yet really sat down to take it all in.

So, what have you got planned for 2016? Are you a goal-setter or more of a ’run with it and see how you go’ type person? Whatever happens, I hope it’s a prosperous and healthy year for you all.

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