The Happy Newspaper – a remedy for the blues
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The Happy Newspaper – a remedy for the blues

The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper – a remedy for the blues

I’d like to write a bit about a project I have been following quite closely since the concept phase. I’ll start at the beginning.

As most of you know, I’m quite the musician and I follow a couple of blogs. One of them is The House of Coxhead – run by a chap called Thomas Coxhead, I recommend you check it out. Anyway following this blog for a while and it pops up that he has a younger sister, Emily, who is somewhat arty – so I dropped a twitter/insta follow. Emily has a great artistic style and really reminds me of Quentin Blake – this plays on my nostalgic heart strings having grown up with Roald Dahl books illustrated by Blake.

I saw Emily had done some greetings card designs and contacted her to design me one for mothers’ day based on my brief. She did a great job and my mum loved her card. Then, when it came to my wedding ‘thank you’ cards I asked Emily if she could design something again to my brief – again – she nailed it (see pic above).

Her latest project, The Happy Newspaper, has been shipped all over the world after a successful Kickstarter and with some help from her friends has been highly acclaimed – and with good reason.

The Happy Newspaper does exactly what it says on the tin. While there are other similar movements out there (huff post good news) I think that The Happy Newspaper offers a tangible, good old fashioned British approach to world news – I like the fact that it is an actual printed paper.

When I received mine I was already smiling – just its arrival put me in a good mood I was looking forward to reading something pleasant for once. The paper is set up in a way that allows you to dip in and out, you don’t have to sit for hours reading cover to cover – get your bit of goodness, then back to work!

The first edition was published in December 2015 and is made up of 32 pages of colourful, short articles from around the globe summarising the best bits of 2015 and showcasing uplifting stories which may not have received the attention they deserved.

Anyway, it’s all very well me talking about it but the best way to appreciate it is to pick up a copy. Head over to the website and see what you think or follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

(apologies for the shoddy graphic above :))
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