Some Blogging FAQs
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Some Blogging FAQs

Blogging FAQs

Some Blogging FAQs

I get asked about blogging and social media on a semi-daily basis. If you are thinking about outsourcing, you probably have the same questions. I’m going to attempt to answer them now.

Is blogging really that important?

Firstly blogging regularly, is probably easiest update you can make to your website. Each blog you post adds another indexed page to your website, which means it’s another opportunity for your site to pop up in search engines and get that coveted ‘organic search’ traffic to your website. It also lets the search engines know that your site is active and encourages them to drop in and check for new content regularly. So, YES, it really is that important!

Also don’t forget that a new blog post gives you things to talk about through your social media channels

It’s not something I have time to do, it seems like a lot of effort. What can you do to help? Do you do all of the writing for me?

This is a personal thing really. Most of my clients enjoy writing but rarely have the time. I quite often get the shorthand version of what they’d like to talk about and then turn it into a decent piece of prose. The whole blogging service differs between clients, sometimes I’ll receive a brief over the phone that consists of a subject area and a view point and get asked to crack on – these are the most difficult and can take a while depending on the topic. Other times I receive a lengthy word document that needs editing and tagging more than anything else. I’ll even help you out with the images if you want. So, really whatever you need, I can certainly guide you.

So, is it necessary for all businesses? Even mine?

Obviously, your blog and social media activity will very much depend on your industry – but I can help you find the perfect combination of social activity and blog frequency. Basically, your customers or audience are online – let’s face it, the majority of the world is – so you need to be there too. I’m not saying you have to be a social media aficionado but presence is key – if you’re not there when people search it can be damaging to your reputation. I can help you choose the most relevant platforms to use based on your industry.

I don’t know what to talk about in my blog, help!

This comes up a lot. It’s really easy to get all preachy then; when you read it back you end up hating what you’ve written and starting over. This is perfectly natural – I’ve rewritten this blog not once, not twice but THRICE! It’s like hearing your own voice on tape… no one is that keen – but your audience will find your insights useful and if they don’t, it starts a conversation – and interaction is just what we want! We can have a good chat about directions and ideas to take your blog in when we initially meet. Now, I’m not an expert in EVERYTHING in the world (even though I may purport to be), so I can’t just come up with ideas for you. Often it’s about asking the client the right questions that will uncover a blog idea of their own making.

If this has been of any use to you, please feel free to share this post! Equally if you want to ask me about an issue I’ve not covered, drop me an email.

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