I should probably write a blog for the website today…
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I should probably write a blog for the website today…

I should probably write a blog for the website today…

How many of you have said or heard this sentence in and around the office? I had the same thought today! I really don’t practice what I preach (hence the huge gaps between blogs), but that’s because I’m doing it for real for my clients.

Blog writing is time consuming and quite often falls to the bottom of peoples’ to do list. You might not have the time, inspiration or confidence to write a whole article for your site – but it’s important that it is done.

A blog acts as a whole new indexed page of your website, so your website will grow in size and presence on the internet. In fact, the more frequently you update copy or add articles to your website the higher your place on search engine results pages. Think of all that lovely text being added regularly, filling your website with interesting news items and potential search terms to bring traffic to your site.

A blog gives you the opportunity to show your business’ personality, to share relevant news items with your customers and reassures readers that you are a legitimate operator in your industry.

Posting fresh content on a regular basis will encourage the Google spiders to trawl your site for new content more regularly; and making sure your key search terms and phrases are included will help Google to send traffic your way.

Good quality, informative articles are the best way to let your potential customers know that you are established and help to build trust. What would you make of a business who hadn’t posted in their ‘news’ section for a year?

Combine this with regular social media activity and sharing your blogs across all platforms and you will be well on your way to ticking the kind of organic SEO boxes that’ll get you onto page one of the Google search page.

Social media management can be time consuming and is full of distractions to take you away from your everyday operations. Can you afford to be ‘black-holed’ watching hilarious cat videos for 2 hours at a time? The day really disappears when you’re caught in a relentless chain of videos that you just HAVE to watch. Having peace of mind that someone is watching over your social media channels for any incoming enquiries really allows you to get on with what counts… doing your job.

If you are interested in saving yourself the time and effort of producing content and management/monitoring your social media channels why not get in touch and ask about the digital marketing support package I offer. Feel free to call me or drop me an email, you can always follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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