How do recent Facebook changes affect businesses and brands?
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How do recent Facebook changes affect businesses and brands?

How do recent Facebook changes affect businesses and brands?

In a word, Badly – that’s right, it’s not great news… but it’s been coming for a while.

Facebook’s been gradually getting to this point for a couple of years not, with their updates to the newsfeed algorithm to help us see fewer poor quality content posts and click-bait. Things like the Trump election and Brexit have really highlighted just how influential trash posts can be on social media.

Basically, the whole platform was being dominated by poor quality content that it was ruining the experience – I’m sure you noticed it. So, between court appearances, Zuckerberg decided to tidy up the platform.

The fact is, if you’re producing interesting content for your audience, you’re fine. Obviously there is a bit of adapting to do with how and what you post – especially as in the last year they have removed the ability to edit link previews to combat clickbait. But, the latest change to the News Feed algorithm is not the end of the world – it just means that we have to adapt to Facebook’s new direction if we’re want to use the platform to reach customers. So, what now? Here are a couple of ways to make Facebook work for you.

Create interesting content

For businesses, social media has provided the opportunity to reach a large audience and have been guilty of living for clicks. It’s not all about numbers, it’s more about quality. People want to learn something or read something that is interesting – so quality is key. What does your audience want from you?

If you’re focusing on reach you need to realign your metrics to more qualitative engagements.

Video Content (Especially Live Video)

Video content takes priority on Facebook news feeds – everyone knows that. With the emergence of live video content on FB and Instagram (Facebook owned), now is the time to get creative with your video content.

Whether you’re pre-recording or going live, you should consider making video content regularly and engaging with your community this is just what the algorithm wants.

Customer Service and Interaction

If Facebook’s News Feed algorithm change means you’re not going to be able to reach as many potential customers as before, make sure you look after the ones you do reach. Messenger is perfect for this – an instant messenger it gives your audience direct access to your brand so you can have a personal interaction and make sure your customer service is beyond reproach.

Implement a Paid Strategy

The cynic in me would say that this is the main reason for the changes in algorithm. I’m a firm believer in organic reach and authenticity in marketing activity but sometimes you just have to join the herd in order to be heard. There are definite benefits to a paid strategy and it certainly provides a more instant – quick win. From experience I know that my clients love seeing the numbers jump up when they boost a post or run a campaign for page likes.

It is definitely worth looking in to if you are a small business but choose promoted content wisely. I would recommend setting a budget for total social advertising and splitting it across multiple campaigns. I would always suggest you have an on-going promotion to gain page likes and set aside extra budget for boosting the odd post.

I am loathe to feed any more cash to the Facebook juggernaut but with changes such as this, you have to compromise – so just make sure you are smart with your advertising budget.

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