Google My Business FAQs
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Google My Business FAQs

google my business faqs

Google My Business FAQs

Google My Business is a really good tool to get your business showing on the search engine results pages (SERPs), especially if you have premises where customers can visit. It gives you a little listing on Google Maps and a little preview of your business for people looking for you through Google.

Google My Business is often forgotten about when it comes to peoples’ social media marketing strategy, but it is a great channel to broaden your reach. If you would like t talk about digital marketing and your business make sure you drop us a line via the contact page.

We’ve already walked through how to set up your Google My Business location and what you need to do to get the basics right and verified. Now we look at some of the most commonly asked questions we get when talking about this platform.

How do I claim my business on Google?

If you need to claim an existing Google business profile – you have three options:

  1. Sign up or log in to Google My Business. Search for your business, and select it. Then follow the steps to confirm that you are the owner.
  2. Locate your business listing in Maps, and click Manage this listing. Don’t panic if details aren’t accurate. You can edit once you’ve verified that you’re the owner.
  3. If someone else has already claimed the business, and you work for the same company, they can add you as a user. If you don’t recognize the owner, follow the steps above to reclaim your business.

How do I edit my business on Google?

This is a fairly simple process. Simply login to Google My Business, select the location you wish to edit and in the menu, on the left, you can just click Info. Then you just click on the pencil icons to make your amendments. If you want to remove a section you can click the x and the Apply to save your changes. Remember though, some edits can take a long time to show online.

How do I add multiple locations to Google My Business

Maybe you’ve opened a new location for your business or perhaps you’ve just started your profile and need to add additional locations.

From your Google My Business dashboard, click Manage locations on the left-hand sidebar. Click the blue “Add location” button on the right. Type in your business name and click “Create a new business” with this name. Fill in the information and request verification.

Another option is to go to Google Maps and drop a pin on the location you would like to add. Click ‘Add a missing place’ in the left sidebar. Fill in the details then select “Claim this business.”

Can I turn off Google reviews?

The short answer is No. Reviews are the single best way to advertise your business and show customers that your business is legitimate.

It is possible to flag and report inappropriate reviews.

Even if you get a negative review, you should take the opportunity to engage with the person who left the review and endeavour to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Potential customers will be able to see how you deal with such drama and it can be a real feather in your cap.

Can I mark my business or location as temporarily closed?

Absolutely, during Covid we saw this a lot – if not closed, you can add special operating hours. This update is great for letting customers know your business status without affecting your local search ranking.

Simply sign in to Google My Business, click Info on the left sidebar, click on the “Close this business” and select “Mark as temporarily closed.”

You can special hours for holidays or other circumstances, by clicking Info in the left side menu, then Special Hours.

Get In Touch

If that all sounds like a bit much hassle, drop us a call and we can do this kind of work for you. If you have a business and are interested in any of our other digital marketing services, please contact us today to see how we can help you. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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