My favourite Christmas adverts of 2015
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My favourite Christmas adverts of 2015

Santa watching tv with popcorn

My favourite Christmas adverts of 2015

There are probably a million of these blogs, but better to join the party late than miss it all together! Traditionally these adverts signify the beginning of the festive period, and are usually premiered mid-November to create that Christmassy buzz early on! Now every year the headlines are dominated by the likes of John Lewis and Victoria’s Secret but I’ve noticed that this year the standard has really improved from a whole bunch of unlikely contenders.

For that reason I’m not going to rank these adverts, I feel like they all do something to contribute to my festive mood. After such a turbulent and tragic period in our history we could all do with an extra dose of Christmas cheer.

Curry’s PC World – Jigsaw

This is part of a series of adverts called ‘Spare the Act’. In this Jeff Goldblum gives tips on how to react to a terrible or unexpected gift! I love this concept, we’ve all been there – also if you put Jeff Goldblum in anything, I’ll probably watch it. I love his delivery in this, so check it out.


I have to admit I will always have a soft spot for the Sound of Music soundtrack, but I love the general message brought in by Aldi here. It’s all about doing things you love – your favourite things. It’s simple but it does what you want it to and I’m cool with that! #AldiFavouriteThings

John Lewis

The big dog! This is the one that announces Christmas in many people’s calendars and this year they delivered again. A lovely rendition of the Oasis track – Half the World Away performed by Aurora is the perfect accompaniment. Of course once the internet got hold of it the advert made way for some magnificent spoofs including my personal favourite. #ManOnTheMoon

Spanish Lottery

Being the sensitive sausage I am, this advert really got me. No words, just a Ludovico Einaudi score and some lovely animation. Simplicity at it’s finest. #Justino


This is part of the Lidl School of Christmas series from the discount grocery giants. Essentially a series of tongue-in-cheek hints and tips on how to ensure your Christmas Day celebrations go as smoothly as possible.

TK Maxx

Promoting that feeling of community, TK Maxx focus on your nearest, which is a slightly different take on gift giving with the tagline ‘With prices so low, it’s easy to give just one more’.

Coca Cola

The creators of the big red Christmas Truck and the ‘Holidays are coming’ jingle bring us another community promoting advert this year. A vending machine offering either free coke or the opportunity to share something by launching a balloon with a gift attached into the air. Again, it’s heart-warming and centred around sharing. #sharethegood

Sky Movies

Step into the adventure with Sky Movies this Christmas. This advert is focused around the battle every child has with Brussel Sprouts (something I could definitely relate to when I was younger), it features scenes from some of the biggest movies of the last year, including The Avengers; Age of Ultron, Cinderella and one of my favourites, Big Hero 6.

So those are a few of the adverts I really liked – feel free to share these or get in touch on twitter if you have others I should check out.

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